Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 18 Jul 2009

Today’s task: clean the house. It’s been ignored for almost a month and the place had gotten out of control: clothes and shoes everywhere, tufts of cat fur littering the floor, dishes piled up in the sink, refinishing tools and supplies strewn about the dining room, rings in the tub…

It took about six hours but I finally got the place squared away. Extra added bonus: I did a MAJOR clothing purge in the process. I freed up at least two drawers and reduced the clothes in the closet by half or more. If I wasn’t 100% sure that I would be wearing the item immediately or in the next season then out it went. All told I filled up four kitchen garbage bags with stuff and toted them off to Goodwill.

It. Was. Awesome.

Sure, you can’t look at my place and tell it’s less cluttered but I can. I can walk into my bedroom and notice that the previously homeless clothes which had been piled on the chair are now in the bottom drawer of the dresser. I can tell that the pile of sweaters has found a place in the under bed container. Items in the closet all fit me and look good and are no longer squished together so much that everything comes out wrinkled. The mountain of extra hangers are gone, also donated.

It was a lot of work and was time very well spent. It feels great to get yet more clutter out of my life.