Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 26 Aug 2009

My first microwave was functional and that’s about it: no temp control, just a dial for time and a button to open the door. I found myself wanting more.

One day while wandering through Best Buy{.broken_link} my gaze landed on an interesting appliance. Microwave? Check. Toaster? Check. Toaster oven? Check. Broiler? Check. “Dang…this thing does everything,” I thought, “So many functions in one appliance will save me sooo much room!” So naturally I bought it.

Did I own a toaster? No. Did I own a toaster oven? No. Did I own a broiler? Well, yes, there’s one in the stove but it’s pretty crappy and I never used it so in effect, no, I didn’t own one.

Perhaps I should have recognized that and asked why I didn’t own those things before bringing this behemoth into my kitchen…

Seven or so years later I finally decided to be rid of the thing. It takes up so much space and gives me…? The occasional warmed leftovers? There has to be a more efficient way to do that.

So I sold it (yay Craigslist), intending to replace it with something small, sleek and minimally functional. You know, like the one I got rid of….

…however now that it’s gone I find I really don’t miss it. Leftovers are very easy to heat on the stove and take very little time. And the space! I’ve regained almost an entire counter in my pantry and it’s lovely to finally have a good place to keep the electric kettle.

The experiment begins now. I vow not to replace my microwave until November. If, by that time, I find that I really don’t miss it very much then I won’t replace it at all.