Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 23 Oct 2010

A gratuitous post, simply because I haven’t done it in a while and need to ease back into it. Plus, well, I’m showing off.

Dinner tonight is courtesy of the Saints Julia (Child) and Simone (Beck):

  • Fondue de Poulet a’la Creme (Chicken Simmered with Cream and Onions)
  • Chou-Fleur aux Tomates Fraiches (Cauliflower Gratineed with Cheese and Tomatoes)
  • Concombres au Beurre (Baked Cucumbers)
  • Buttered pappardelle
  • A decent (but inexpensive) French white wine

All recipes are available in Volume 1 of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. All of them are also obscenely easy. No one can write a recipe like Julia and Simone. So well organized. So easy to follow. I love those women.

Inattendance caused the onions to scorch for the chicken. It still ended up well, just a bit darker in flavor than intended. The cauliflower was great. The cucumbers tasted like baked pickles. Is this intended? Unsure. Still, they weren’t bad just not what was expected/desired.

Overall the meal was still very tasty but very heavy. Even with small portions I feel the need to roll to bed early to sleep it off.