Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 11 Jun 2011

Six years at my first job in California. Six years at my second. Hmm…

So, yes, I’ve moved on to a new adventure. My new gig is with a non-profit organization which I’ve followed and respected for well over a decade. As you can imagine I’m only very slightly pleased to be able to contribute to a cause in which I believe…and get paid for it.

The transition has been interesting. From a dotcom to a non-profit (yet an online one)? That’s a change. From head of a department to, well, not? That’s a change. From working from home to working in an office with a very open layout? Yeah, yet another change.

The largest change of all came in the commute. Even when I did have to go to the office before it would take half an hour (plus or minus). The new job required traveling across not only the bay (via bridge or BART tunnel) but also across a fair chunk of San Francisco. On a bad day the commute would stretch to 90 minutes one way, meaning that on a bad day I had lost three hours of my life. To go from a commute of three seconds to one of three hours was rather more than I was willing to endure.

Something had to change…