Originally posted on 03 Apr 2023

1 minute read

This book has been kicking around my ebook collection for a little while now. I suspect I picked it up on sale in 2022 before its sequel was due to come out. And I’m pretty sure I saw the names “Tracy” and “Richard” and thought to myself, “Hey, a woman author! Surely this will be something other than the standard sword-and-muscles fantasy story.”

Except I forgot that “Tracy” can also be a man’s name. Oops. My mistake. I guess both of the authors are really well known for writing games, but not being a big gamer I didn’t recognise their names.

As books go…it’s fine. If you’re looking for the usual fantasy fare, then this will fit the bill in an inoffensive and diverting enough way. The authors go into too much detail in their descriptions, so I regularly found myself skipping to the end of paragraphs while thinking, “yes, I get it, it’s impressive.” In this way (and only this way), it reminded me of the Wheel of Time books.

But otherwise, it’s a perfectly cromulent and utterly forgetable bit of mind candy. I have no desire to read the sequel, but I also don’t regret spending my time on this first volume.