Originally posted on 30 Nov 2023

1 minute read

In my review for the first book in the series I wrote:

I thoroughly enjoyed it and was saddened to learn that my library doesn’t have the rest of the series. I’ve placed a request for the next one in the series though, and look forward to it arriving soon.

That request arrived a lot faster than I expected, so here I am having finished the second book in the series.

This one follows a couple of characters who weren’t the centre of attention in the first book, expanding our view into the Wayfarers universe. I enjoyed this a lot, as well as the development of the characters. Chambers is really great at writing authentic people in her books.

It was a little disappointing not to return to the crew of the Wayfarer in this one though. I liked them a lot and want to see what happens to them next. Unfortunately, from skimming the back cover text of the next two books in the series, I may not get my wish. Which is OK. I guess. The next two books will be good, I’m sure, but I’m still gonna miss the crew.

I won’t be requesting those next two books, though, until I’ve worked through my existing hold queue at the library. 😉