Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 07 Jan 2006

Guy and Megan will be visiting in a couple of weeks and it would probably be good if they had somewhere to sleep. So this weekend’s project is to finish unpacking or otherwise dispatching the remaining boxes in the middle of my office floor.

But, you see, the office is where the computer lives. This does nothing good for my productivity. It starts with me cruising the Live365 genres on my SlimServer. Just so I can find the appropriate music by which to do my work, of course. There are thousands of stations on Live365, so this takes a while. Then I remember something I wanted to look up on the web. That kills a half an hour. Email comes in, so I need to handle that while I’m thinking about it. All the while I have to keep swapping discs for some CDs which need converting to mp3 (the better to listen to on my beloved Slimp3 player).

In the meantime, hours have passed and still nary a box has been touched. Hrm. This could be a looooong weekend.