Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 12 Jan 2006

The first one worked well enough, so it was time to make something slightly more involved.

This is the second attempt at crocheting with wire. Call it a choker. Call it a collar. Whatever. It’s surprisingly lovely in person. It has this “order out of chaos” sense to it.

The pattern is simple. It’s just three rows of double crochet on top of a foundation chain, no beads involved. What you can’t tell from the pictures but which is very obvious in real life is that I need a lot of work on my finishing skills. Not knowing what I was going to do with this piece, it ended up too long. So I just folded over the ends a couple of times to make it shorter. And the ends reflect the blatant hack that that is. The clasps are also not attached well. Which isn’t to say that they’re going to fall off. No, they won’t do that. But the “method” (if I may use that term loosely) used to attach them to the necklace is rudimentary and looks like it was performed by an eight year old. (Any soul wishing to help me improve on this “method” can be so kind as to send me this book).

Here’s a little detail shot of the piece. For the first Experiment in wire post, Megan asked whether crocheting with wire hurts your hands. I replied that, no, it didn’t. At least my hands didn’t hurt for the first piece I made. That wasn’t the case for this larger one. After a couple of hours I started to get that blister-like tingle on the tip of the middle finger of my left hand. The rest of my hands were more tired than usual and slightly aching, but not too bad. I currently have no plans to make something with this many stitches in it, so I’m not concerned with the pain factor as I should not reach it often.

The next step is to do a bit more with beads. They’re already strung on the wire (gold-toned this time), so maybe I’ll have something new this weekend.