Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 12 Feb 2006

I’ve been thinking of changing the scenery around here for a while now. I’m not ready to commit to a whole new theme yet, but I’m OK with changing the header image.

Last weekend the weather enticed me to go for a long walk through town. While on my way I spotted this cat drawn into the cement of a sidewalk near here. Thankfully I had my camera handy so I snapped a quick shot of it.

Thanks to the magic of the Gimp, the anonymously drawn cat is the new logo for FirstStep.

Let me know if you have any opinion on the new logo. Maybe you were very attached to the old one. Maybe you think that this one looks like a total hack job (which, by the by, it is). More likely you have no opinion on the matter at all and the comments shall remain woefully silent.