Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 15 Feb 2006

I’m investigating buying a new car. I’d like to test drive a 2006 Mazda3 5-door Grand Touring Edition with automatic transmission (Strato Blue). Foiled in this on Saturday by a lack of inventory, today I got smart before driving all the way down to Marin Mazda and I called first. Some sales guy picks up the phone.

Me: “I’m interested in test driving . Do you have one on the lot?” He: “I’d have to check my inventory but I’m happy to do that for you. Just give me your name and number and I’ll call you right back.” Me: “Actually, I don’t want to give my number because I don’t want to be pestered with calls. How long will the inventory check take?” He: “No problem. How soon were you thinking of buying?” Me: “I’m not sure yet. I’d like to drive one.” He: “Oh, OK. My name is . I’ll give you my cell phone number and you can call me back in five minutes and I’ll have that inventory check for you.” Me: “OK.” He: “And you are?” Me: “I’m Vicky.” He: “Great, Vicky. Thanks for calling.”

Um, huh? How exactly does one sell cars this way? No inventory check. No cell phone number. No help at all. I’ll try calling back again tomorrow, but right now Marin Mazda is losing big points.