Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 26 Mar 2006

I have a bad memory and realize it. Rather than fight against it I try and work with and around this little flaw, so I’ve become a creature of habit in order to keep from being deep-sixed by my own brain. Keys always get hung in the same place. The cellphone always goes on the buffet. There is a flow and a process to most things that I do because otherwise steps get left out and things very quickly start to suck.

Case in point: CDs are missing. I bought them. I put them on my server so I could listen to them right now if I wanted. All signs point to the existence of these things. So why is it I can’t find the bloody things? Where in the world are they? It’s not like my apartment is cavernous. And one of the side-effects of having that flow and process to things is that it’s easy to tell when stuff is not where it ought to be. CDs which are set down in the wrong location ought to stick out like a giraffe in a cage of monkeys. Yet that’s currently not the case. These things are nowhere to be found and it’s really starting to bug me. Items do not just disappear around here and it’s very unsettling to me when they do. It upsets the delicate balance and I start to get tense about completely mundane and pointless things like missing CDs that I don’t actually need.

So if anyone out there happens to see my Innocence Mission or Proclaimers CDs lying around anywhere, could you please let me know so I can stop obsessing and move on with my life? That’d be swell. Thanks.