Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 30 Nov 2006

This is the lazy girl’s post today, as I’m just cribbing most of it out of an email I received from a coworker.

I seem to have caught a bit of a sniffle. Despite the fact that a lot of medicines make me all foggy I was pleased to see that someone had donated a bottle of generic Claritin to the company medicine chest. Accepting my upcoming fate of mental fog I took one and then sent a grateful email to the general junk alias, to which I received this response:

You’re welcome, dose up.

Back in the early 90s a friend of mine joined a software company in Santa Cruz as employee #8. At that time their employee handbook contained the one-line drug policy “Bring enough for everyone.” Sadly, that policy had to change as the company grew but they got bought by Cisco a few years later and all became stinking rich, which took the sting off somewhat.

Those were the days, I guess.