Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 01 Dec 2006

There are three officially “techie” people at my company right now, myself and two others. At the end of December the other two will both be out of the state at the same time*. We can’t leave the shop untended, and as they made their plans before I did I have to stick around here and be available on the unthinkable chance that things start crashing (literally, in the sense of the servers) and burning (hopefully not literally in any sense).

Net result: no trip to Michigan for me this year. I won’t miss the snow and cold, I admit. But I’d told Guy and Megan I’d be there to help them finish packing and cleaning before the move out to Sunny Palo Alto. And I was really hoping to be there for Megan’s graduation party. And then there’s Christmas, which will be spent with my friend Jen, her cat and her bald guy rather than with my family. And this probably means I’ll never get to meet my sister’s exchange student from Japan. And the yearly mecca to Zingerman’s Roadhouse? It’s right out.

*sigh* I was finally about to earn enough miles for that free trip from NWA, too.

Well, at least having someone available will more or less guarantee that nothing will go wrong. That’s the way these things usually work. And I won’t have to find a cat sitter. And this will give me more time to plan and prepare for my New Year’s Day Nosh Fest (more on that later). So it’s not all bad.

* This has never happened in the history of the company. Once there was a period of twelve hours while one was on an inbound flight and the other on an outbound, but that’s as close as we’ve ever gotten to having both of them gone at once. Hell, these two are so valuable to us they probably shouldn’t even travel in the same vehicle at the same time.