Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 22 Jan 2007

I’m sitting there in my office, deeply engrossed in work, my door shut so I can focus better (and turn up the new music which just arrived today). My office is slightly off the grid inasmuch as it’s not really on the way to anywhere so those who walk near my door are typically headed directly for it. Such was the case today when an unfamiliar man walked up. Unfamiliar and delivering a bouquet of flowers.

Life in the Albertelli household is unsettled right now to say the least. They’re packing up their life and moving to the West Coast, away from the Midwest for the first time. They’re trying to sell their lovely home in Ann Arbor (ask me if you’re interested in buying a lovely home in Ann Arbor!). Guy’s trying to get new software releases out the door while juggling move details, house selling and planning a party for Megan. Megan, in the meanwhile, is diligently grinding away at her PhD thesis (Genetic Variation in the Androgen Receptor Impacts Prostate Cancer Initiation and Progression in the Humanized AR Mouse) and dealing with the unpleasant details involved with that. In the meantime, they’re in an “austerity period” as they cut back in order to make the move less painful on many fronts.

In the midst of all this they send me flowers because they read that I was having a rough go of things. They send me flowers. Can you believe that? I mean, how incredibly great is that? Only half as great as they are, let me tell ya, which is still pretty damn great. Words can’t begin to express how great they are, yet hubris being what it is I’m trying anyway. I mean…wow. That was just so…well…GREAT of you guys.

And while I’m at it, I should mention that these two aren’t the only great people in my life. A big virtual smooch also goes out to Nicole, who very thoughtfully sends me a bottle of exquisite rum whenever one of my relationships tanks. And there’s Marc, who I’m sure would probably jump in front of a bus for me then lie there in the street, broken and bleeding, his only question being whether I’d skinned my knee as he pushed me out of the way and could someone please get me a band-aid?

This post could go on for megabytes if I were to list all of the fantastic people in my life, so I’ll stop that roll call now. Yeah, things get a bit rough from time to time. But these people make it easier to muddle through and make it all worthwhile.

I love you all. You’re all so (word of the day) great. But the Albertellis? They’re my heroes of the day. The capes are in the mail, guys.