Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 22 Jan 2007

It’s finally happened. Despite the fact that I have three CD towers, each of which can hold about 220 CDs, I’ve essentially maxed out my current capacity. Yeah, I can still fit a few more in there, but I can’t do it and retain my particular flavor of anal-retentive music filing.

“No problem,” think I, “as I can just pop by Ikea and pick up another one (or two). I’ll be down in Berkeley on Saturday anyway.”

So pop I did, but not fruitfully so. I should not have taken for granted that Ikea would still be stocking the piece, even though they have for they past five years. Now what’s a girl to do? I’m fairly attached to my current storage system. It’s efficient, allows for flexible configuration, is sturdy, has a small footprint, is modular. Pretty much exactly what I need.

Well, change can be good I guess. It’s time to research other options. Try and find something which will increase my capacity but still fit in my apartment. Maybe I need to start going vertical. CDs to the ceiling. Yeah, that might be worth investigating. There’s earthquakes to consider in that plan, of course. Would not be good to have eight tall feet of CDs come crashing down on me and my feline. Many thoughts need to be thunk. This is not a decision to be taken idly.

In the meantime the new acquisitions will just have to stack up without being filed. Just stop buying for a while? Ah, you’re a funny one, you are.