Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 17 Apr 2007

Every morning when I get to the office I grind some beans, fire up the coffee maker and make myself breakfast of plain yogurt topped with Kashi GoLean Crunch (mmm…crunchy). The coffee and yogurt (and banana, when I have one) are consumed as I read my email and industry blogs, letting me catch up on the latest news while easing into my day. At some later point in the morning I’ll grab the yogurt bowl and head to the kitchen to do the washing up.

Today the ritual was performed as usual with the exception that when I got up to wash the bowl I decided that I wanted another cup of coffee. Mackinac Bridge mug in hand, I wander into the kitchen. Washed and dried, the bowl gets set on the counter so I can turn my attention towards tanking up on the ol’ caffeine. I grab the coffee carafe, wrestle it open (poorly designed top but good coffee if you can get to it) and proceed to pour. And ya know, that little white bowl doesn’t hold nearly as much brew as the mug does. Good thing there was no one else in the kitchen to watch me pouring coffee from bowl to mug (and making a colossal mess in the process).

*sigh* I guess I really did need that second cup.