Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 26 Jul 2007

Walking back into my office my eyes landed on my desk. Sitting there on the corner was Bob’s copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. A jolt of excitement shot through my body.

“Done?!?” I thought, “But he was on page 410 yesterday! Andrea is sick! They have two adorable and very active kids! They have two out of town guests! Hell, he has a fulltime job! How did he finish this overnight?” By staying up to 2:30am, that’s how. Andrea, who’s sick as a dog (a very cute and loveable dog, of course) actually came into the office partly so she could deliver this to me.

The Glicksteins, you see, are incomparable. I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve knowing them.

I’m thrilled that I’ll finally get to read HP7. Tonight there’ll be no gym. No work. No IM. No movies. No news. I might even pick up some take-out on my way home so I don’t have to prepare dinner. If someone calls tonight it had better be a life-threatening emergency because otherwise you might get a very cold reception from me. No, the evening is going to be entirely devoted to devouring every word of this book.