Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 30 Jul 2007

This morning while racing around trying to get out the door and to the office in time for a conference call with our overseas contractors I noticed something odd. Everywhere in the house that Moira likes to frequent had overnight gained one or more dark pink spots. Hrm…

After rescheduling all of my meetings for the day I came home from the office as early as I could. The vet was able to get us in at 11:30.

Poke, prod, listen. No diagnosis after the initial examination. The vet (not our usual vet, who I guess is off on Mondays) asked to keep her for the rest of the day so they could get blood and urine samples. I got to go back and see her in the cage they put her in. I didn’t like seeing her in a cage. I don’t like how the house feels without her here right now.

So now I get to go back to the office and try to get something done while burdened with worry for the geriatric feline. I’m afraid they’ll tell me that it’s advanced kidney disease. The kidneys are an aged cat’s built-in nemesis and in a battle of kidneys v. cat the cat usually does not come out on top.

Cross your fingers for my kitten.