Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 17 Jan 2008

This year heralds the start of my tenure in a spinning class at my gym. I’m there for an hour every Tuesday and Thursday night (with lunch hours MWF spent on resistance training at a different gym). So far I’ve made it through two weeks without missing a class. I did have to leave five minutes early once, but that day still counts in my book.

Some people take fitness classes to get into better shape. Me? I’m doing it because it keeps me from working quite as much (shh…don’t tell my CEO). The other day it occurred to me that in order to keep from working too much I opted to take the most intense fitness class my gym (or the world) has to offer. It doesn’t take a psychological genius to pick that one apart…

This isn’t a New Year’s Resolution. Sure, last year’s resolution turned out really well, but I didn’t bother to make one this year. I started attending classes now, at the beginning of the year, because that’s when I finally felt that my apartment was settled enough after my move for me to be comfortable with spending time focusing on me for a change. It was just a coincidence that this coincided with the turn of the year. An unfortunate coincidence, since the classes are very full in January. I have to get to the gym about 45 minutes before class starts just to make sure that I have a spot.

So far things are going well. Intense workout or not I’ve woken up each day subsequent to class and haven’t been freakishly sore. This either means that I’m in outstanding shape (uh…right) or that I’m pushing myself just hard enough. My main goal of not coming directly home after work and, well, working some more is being met. Sure, I still come home from class and login and do some work, but there are still those few hours between leaving the office and arriving home. Those few precious hours when I almost completely forget about work. Hell, I don’t even completely forget about work when I’m asleep lately, so that time in spin class ought to become a closely guarded treasure.

Yes, spin class is an intense ass-kicking workout. There’s no doubt about that. But it’s not impossible for the average person. Ya’ll should try it. If you do, keep this in mind: you are the one in control of the little tension dial. You are the one who controls how hard it is to move those pedals. Not feeling energetic that day? Ease off on the dial. Totally amped up? Crank on that little dial. It’s up to you. I can guarantee that you’ll end up doing more work than you expect just from the fact that you’re in a room with a lot of other people. You’ll want to keep up with them, whether you notice it or not.

That in mind, even a moderate effort in spin class will burn about 1000 calories. One Thousand. A vigorous effort will burn 1200 calories. Either way, ya know what it means? That’s right: you get to eat chicken simmered in cream and onions and not feel guilty about it. Brilliant!

Maybe I’ll keep doing this spinning thing for a while. Maybe not. What matters is that I’m doing it now when I need to, so even if I stop later I’m still on top. Let’s hear it for positive thinking, eh?