Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 10 Jun 2008

I’m out of the office all this week. You could say that I’m on vacation but as I’m on call for a project at work it’s not all fun and games. It’s not looking like I’ll be needed much until later in the week so I’m spending the days sleeping in and hanging out around town.

And, it seems, I’m recuperating. Yesterday I came down with a highly unpleasant cold and now my nose is running the show.

Moments like this make me think that stress must be my shield. 99% of the time I’m healthy even while everyone around me is dropping like flies. Busy as hell, but healthy. The moment I drop the stress level and start to relax the virus attacks. It just doesn’t seem fair.

Fine, whatever. I’ll give this damn virus one day to run its course while I stay inside drinking tea on the couch. But come tomorrow it has to make itself scarce since I have plans to go see Iron Man with friends.