Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 09 Dec 2012

We walked to the farmers’ market. Few things grabbed us until the seafood booth. Fresh. Very fresh. One could even call it “dead fresh,” if that didn’t sound like a contradiction in terms. Mmm…seafood…

We all spent most of the afternoon drinking wine, playing with the cats and talking talking talking about the things which we used to talk about before we left to our new places. It was open and comfortable. It was missed.

And then we cooked. Veg, stock, wine, herb, seafood seafood seafood. Aioli. Arugula. Simple and therefore amazing. More wine. More talk. Psychology! SciFi! Design! Marketing! Intelligent and challenging.

Then leaving. Pack up the leftovers. Pat the cats. Hugs and kisses (three times!) all around. Lock the door behind you. Now it’s quiet in the apartment again.

We really need to do this more often.